Monday, February 29, 2016

Free Tickets!

I bet I got your attention with that one.  Much to your dismay, I am not giving anything away, but simply wanted to give a shout out to one of Mrs. Re-Dan-imation's co-workers for providing us with some extra tickets to the Boat, Sport, and Travel show.  We were able to head down there Saturday evening and had a nice time walking around and looking at things we can't afford.  Everybody loves doing that sometime.

Last week, I was quite diligent about monitoring my food intake.  Although I monitored it, I did simply watch it go over the recommendation a couple days.  It didn't turn out terrible though.  I finished 2 and a half of my workouts this week.  My Wednesday and Thursday workouts went quite well.  Sunday's workout was either supposed to be a 10K race or a 1:40 run at varied paces.  So my plan was to complete my only little 10K race against myself.  It was also my goal to do it with negative splits showing that I could increase a tenth of a mile an hour each mile.  I made it four miles before my legs were dying underneath me.  Instead of pushing myself to an injury, I decided to call it at this point and hit the showers.  I wasn't too disappointed in myself.  I definitely pushed myself during these miles.  It may not have helped that I did this run fairly far into the evening and had already eaten dinner.  Mrs. Re-Dan-imation has still been killing it with her workouts and again completed all of her couch to 5K runs this week.

You would think that walking around the State Fairgrounds at the Boat, Sport, and Travel show would have yielded more than a few steps, but I didn't manage to even meet my daily goal after headed there on Saturday.  We did make a stop at Steak N' Shake on the way home at the request for a milkshake from the Mrs.  I have to admit, the idea sounded pretty good to me too.

We have also been working on getting people signed up for the Frankfort Indiana Jaycees 2016 Spaghetti Run 5K/10K.  If you want to be a part of this event you can sign up here at this link.  The prices are $24 for adults and $15 for kids 12 and under.  Register by March 29 to guarantee yourself a run shirt.  If you read this blog you will be the first people to see the shirt design as it will be released on the Jaycees Facebook page this week.

After this week, I wasn't sure what I would see on the scale this week.  I stood there this morning and saw 263.3 lbs.  That's a drop of 0.3 lbs from last week.  It's not Earth shattering, but it is again in the right direction.  I will continue to be consistent in my calorie monitoring and do my best to finish all three workouts this week.  Hopefully next week we will see another drop.  Until next week...Food. Feet. Water. Repeat.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Keeping Track

So, this week I have done MUCH better with monitoring my food intake.  The days haven't always been under the suggested calorie count, but they have all been monitored.  It's a step back in the right direction.  To be brutally honest, when I am done writing this post, I will be entering a couple girl scout cookies into my phone as well.  Who can resist those damn things?!

As for my workouts this week...I completed one of my three.  I had to complete it a day late due to obligations away from home on Wednesday.  For the past two weeks, I have been holding a book fair at school and having it for a parent night that night forced me to postpone.  I also wasn't able to get in my workout yesterday as I didn't want to overexert myself after cleaning up that book fair for 3 hours.  Believe me, it was still a workout packing up all those books and pushing carts around the school.

However, Mrs. Re-Dan-imation is on a roll and has reached a point where she is proud of herself.  Her last workout she ran for a constant 20 minutes.  Probably the longest she has run since high school.  I'm proud of her too!  She was pretty pumped when she told me about it.  I may not have gotten in any 8 mile runs this week, but that will be changing this week.  Wednesday will be the beginning of this weeks training program and we'll see where it leads.

My workout for the end of the week!
I was also able to take advantage of the WONDERFUL weather this weekend.  On Saturday, my brother in law and I headed down to hang out with some friends and watch the IU vs PU game.  I didn't really care who won, but it was nice to hang out and play a little corn hole in the 70 degree weather.  We had a pretty good time and a couple people had their first run in with the app Face-In-Hole.  That was pretty fun.  Also, I was able to enjoy some Buffalo wings as well. :)

Now for the weigh in.  Today I got on the scale and saw 263.6 lbs.  That would be a gain of 1.8 lbs.  I seem to be flip flopping around these few pounds.  I have a feeling that it will work itself out eventually.  I just need to keep being vigilant on the calories in and the workOUTs.  Until next week Food. Feet. Water. Repeat.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mileage and Minutes

I definitely picked up the mileage this week.  The time on my prescribed workouts has surely not decreased.  I completed my workouts this week, and it wasn't without setting some new time and distance records for myself.  My long workout this week was 1 hour and 50 minutes.  I managed to complete 8 miles in that time period.  Obviously the longest time and distance I have run nonstop ever.  These milestones keep me motivated for sure.  Mrs. Re-dan-imation also completed all the workouts for her program as well.  Another reason to be proud.

Celebrating two different birthdays in the last week has not been kind to my diet (self-inflicted of course).  The result has been a bit of an increase in something else this week and that would be ice cream intake.  Mrs. Re-Dan-imation predicted almost perfectly what my weight outcome would be this week.

I mentioned in my last couple posts that logging my food has not been something I have kept up at.  This is the only thing that disappoints me regarding this process and has continued to do so.  I have become supremely lazy regarding food monitoring and it is taking its toll on my progress.  I have to get better at it.  I entered all of my food today and although I ended up over my allowed calories, I at least got it all entered on time.

As for the weight that Mrs. Re-Dan-imation guessed...I weighed in this morning at 261.8 lbs. for a gain of 1.6 lbs. (she guessed 1.5).  I should have expected this number, but I kind of didn't.  It's all about paying attention to my portions and entering my food into the app.  However, I am still down from 2 weeks ago, so I didn't completely relapse.  Until next week...Food. Feet. Water. Repeat.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Time to Sleep On It

Well, here I am again after having been sick another week and having spent that week not on the treadmill.  I have had a nasty sore throat and cough that finally made its way into me lungs this past week and breathing hard on the treadmill would have been impossible.  I ran through the sore throat last week, but the hacking this week wasn't gonna happen.

However, I did make it a point to get as much sleep as I could to try and help the healing process.  This mixed with the cold medicine I was taking resulting in some nights of pretty sound sleeping.  This weekend, I could tell that it was starting to clear up and although my throat is still a little raw, I am definitely feeling better.

My best surprise happened when I stepped on the scale this morning.  It turns out that all the sleep I got allowed my body to normalize and I have returned basically to my lowest point weight wise.  I hopped on this morning and saw 260.3 lbs.  That a drop of 2.9 pounds from last week!!  I know right...who would have expected that.  It just goes to show the value of sleep.  It probably didn't hurt that I had salad for lunch two days last week as well.

This may have been one of my shortest posts, but to be honest the only thing I really have to share was my surprise weight loss for the week and the fact that I didn't work out last week.  By the way, Mrs. Re-Dan-imation has been doing GREAT on her Couch 2 5K and hasn't missed a single workout!

Until next week...Food. Feet. Water. Repeat!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Coming to a Realization

January has been an interesting month to say the least.  Over the past month I have maintained within 5 pounds of my weight at the beginning of the month.  I have taken ownership of a treadmill.  I have been sick enough to stay home from work for a day.  I have managed to stay relatively close to my training plan and I have tracked every step of mileage I have accrued this month.  I have witnessed my wife begin to improve her running prowess and have celebrated that she hasn't strayed from her plan even once.

I have completely lost track of my eating.  I have snacked in the evening. I have eaten fast food too often and over indulged at sit down restaurants.  I have been down on myself.  I have skipped two training runs.


I'm gonna be honest.  I know the past month has not been my best regarding my diet.  However, what I have done over the past month is truly not worry about it.  I know that sounds bad, but I think i needed a recharge regarding the diet.  I think I needed to see that scale creep up a bit.  I think I needed Mrs. Re-Dan-imation to pester me about whether or not I have entered my food into my phone.

I have realized that this month has not been the end of the world.  My training has been going great.  I ran just over 35 miles on the treadmill this month including 90 minutes last night (with an unexpected break in the middle for a bathroom break) resulting in a one day total of just over 6 miles.  My endurance has improved by leaps and bounds...even though my speed still is just over a sloth falling gracefully out of a tree.
It is now February, the month of love...right?  Time to reawaken my love of my health data.  Time to monitor my calories better.  Time to continue improving my training.  Time to continue cheering on my wife in her efforts.

With the realization, I provide you with one more.  Apparently my weight last week was correct.  Today, I stepped on the scale and saw 263.1 lbs.  That puts me down somewhere over 2.5 pounds from last week.  I'll take it.  Now I need to make my way back below 260 and head closer to those lower 200s.  I'll get there.  I know it.  Until next week...Food. Feet. Water. Repeat.