Monday, June 29, 2015

On the Road Again...

Another weeks has passed and here you are again to keep up on my progress.  Thanks for your commitment to this blog.  Be prepared for a post that includes quite a bit of fun photos and great times had with friends and family.

Let's start the week off with a Tuesday trip to the Washington Park Beach in Michigan City.  A group of friends and their children have decided to make this an annual tradition.  We had a wonderful time although the water was chilly enough I didn't even get close to it.  The sun was shining all day long and the temperature was below 80.  PERFECT for me, but a little cold for some of the others with us. We got to catch up with each other, throw around the football, and play in the sand with the kids.  I'm already looking forward to next year.  If you get a chance to visit you definitely should.  Also, if you are a gambler, there is a casino super close.  I haven't visited the casino yet, but maybe we will one day.

After a long day trip to and from Michigan City one would expect that we sat around the house the next day, but that didn't happen either.  My brother, a high school band director, took a new job over the summer at a larger school in Evansville.  His first major duty in his position was to hold a DCI (Drum Corps International) competition at his school.  I decided that we needed to head down and support him with the competition by being wonderful spectators.  So, after lunch on Wednesday we headed down to Evansville, watched the competition, and promptly headed home as soon as the last corps finished performing.  A nice 4 hours down, 4 hours viewing the competition, and 4 hours back home.  Congratulations to my younger brother on a job well done!

You would think that would be the end of my traveling plans for the week, but again, you would be wrong.  After about 6 hours of sleep, myself and three of my friends made a trip back down south.  This time we were headed to Louisville.  The plan was to play 54 holes of Golf while also spending one of the evenings hanging out on the famed 4th street.  Honestly, this may have been the time of the week I was looking forward to the most.

The trip down consisted of us working hard to avoid traffic with the help of Goolge Maps in an effort to make a 3:30 tee time at the new Fuzzy Zoeller course that we got a great deal on through the Golf Now app.  Well, we made our tee time with plenty of time to spare.  The staff brought our carts to us, we loaded up and got started on our marathon golf weekend.  The course was beautiful and was surrounded by houses I will only dream of having.  I also was only dreaming of having a good golf game.  I scored quite high, but I still enjoyed myself.  We headed back to the hotel, had some dinner, and hung out for the evening.  The remainder of the evening consisted of pretty decent rain so we headed to bed not knowing what course we would be playing the next day.

After waking up in the morning and checking the Golf Now app we decided to splurge for a single course instead of playing two for the day considering the forecast for the afternoon.  Today's course was Heritage Hills, considered the nicest public course in Kentucky.  We arrived and immediately noticed why they placed the word hills in the name.  Again the course was beautiful.  I played a terrible front 9 due to blisters on my right hand from the day before.  After buying a right handed glove at the turn, I played considerably better on the back 9.  Thank God for that!  The real fun started on hole 11 when we could see the dark clouds forming in the distance.  We watched them roll in for the next 6 holes with a little thunder in the distance.  Standing on the tee box for 17 we could literally hear the rain coming down in the wooded areas a few miles off.  We played the quickest hole of golf I can recently remember.  As we teed off on 18 the wind was picking up and sky was getting much darker.  I hit two shots, one of which ended up in the water hazard, packed up my things and took what I considered to be a quite accurate 7 for the hole.  I headed back to the car to start getting out everyone's shoes and emptying the cart to turn in.  As the rest of the crew arrived, we got the car packed, hopped in as the first rain drops fell on the windshield, and then proceeded to watch as the skies let loose with their fury.  The other golfers frantically driving their carts back to the clubhouse were literally being blown around on the path as the rain hit them completely sideways.  It was intense there for a few minutes.  Good thing we only planned one course for the day.  As for the round, it was to be played cart path only and I am glad I had my FitBit on.  According to its measurements, I walked roughly 11,500 steps during the rounds and climbed an astounding 41 flights of stairs (that's a lot of hills).

Now, as I did quite a bit of traveling this week, my eating was not the best.  I spent a lot of time buying food on the road.  However, I tried not to overeat and drank tea or water as often as possible.  The rounds of golf helped considerably in my calorie count as on Thursday and Friday I burned a whopping 5,000 calories per day.  After coming home and relaxing Saturday night I weighed in on Sunday morning to a 273.7 on the scale.  I managed to lose 1.5 lbs. while spending 18 hours traveling in a car throughout the week.  I was a little surprised not to see a gain on the scale, but I am more than pleased with what I saw.  I am going to have to rededicate myself this week and remove the fast food from my frequent vocabulary.  Thanks again for reading and don't forget to subscribe above.

Until next week... Food. Feet. Water. Repeat.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Taking the Leap!

Welcome back!  First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone that read last weeks post.  It was my most popular post to date with 241 people having visited that post so far.  I hope all of you continue to read my blog and enjoy learning a little more about me every week.

First, I would like to apologize because last week I was supposed to have shared a new recipe that we tried at the house.  I wrote my blog on my phone last week and wasn't sitting at home.  I guess out of sight, out of mind.  So, I will share it with you this week instead.  We decided that we wanted to try some shrimp tacos this week so we bought the ingredients for this recipe and made it happen.  Firecracker shrimp sounded pretty tasty and the requisite tomatoes and green chile's taste great in cheese dip so why not in tacos right?  After cooking the meal together we sat down and gave them a try.  The only thing that we thought needed changed is that we used salad sized shrimp and feel that a larger, more plump, shrimp would have provided a little more of that shrimp flavor.  I think we would both eat them again and we used the leftover salsa topping a few days later.

Onto the interesting things that actually took place this week.  It started with a day FULL of yard work.  My in-laws came over and we worked in the yard on Monday from 9:30-4:00.  It was a long day and I ended up with a nice little sunburn, but the improvement we made on the yard was worth the effort.  If you have seen our back yard before you know small steps are large steps.  This is also why that post showed up a little later in the evening last week as well.  We were a little worse for the wear the next couple days, but no real damage was incurred.  The rest of the week was spent doing a little less in the way of hard work, but instead we took the time to help out some friends by watching their children.  Mrs. Reanimation would watch them every day if it was allowed.  I wasn't around the last time with them, but they even got to have a water balloon fight with some of the neighbors relatives.

I wasn't able to attend the water balloon fight for a good reason.  I was out of town.  A college friend of mine wanted to celebrate my recent birthday by taking a trip up to Michigan for Saturday and Sunday.  So, I took him up on the offer and we headed up to Battle Creek, MI where we first stopped to play a round of 18 holes at Binder Park golf course.  We spent the rest of the evening with a trip for dinner and then were off to Firekeepers Casino to have a little fun for the night.  Now, I did well with dinner on the health front, but had a few extra drinks as the evening went along and also had my first pop in well over two months.  In moderation even small deviations from the plan are acceptable, right?  However, in sticking with the subject of the blog, I definitely lost at the casino.

I'm sure you are still wondering about the title of the post for the week.  As I was golfing on Saturday, I received a text message from my mom just to let me know that my little brother planned on going skydiving the next day.  My first response, Holy $#i+!  Then, I made sure to tell him good luck.  The last thing that I heard from him last night was that he had landed safely on the ground and had a GREAT time.  If you are ever wanted to step out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet in the air check out SkyDive Indy.  If you decide to make a visit let me know, I live in the town where they are based.  The title also fits if you are deciding to join me on this journey.  Go ahead, TAKE THE LEAP, and if you need somebody to talk to you know  how to get ahold of me.

Last, but not least, an update on the weight loss.  I knew I wasn't going to be home on Sunday when I normally weigh in, so I hopped on the scale on Saturday morning.  The news wasn't that great.  I gained 0.2 lbs.  That's basically nothing, but it is still in the wrong direction.  However, I am a positive person and I am not going to let it get me down.  Instead, I will share that the good news was that my percentage of body fat went down slightly.  Guess I gained a little muscle this week.  Back to the losses this week so maybe the only thing I won't lose this time is money at the casino ;).  Thanks for reading!  Please subscribe over to the right.  And until next time... Food. Feet. Water. Repeat.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Along for the ride

Welcome back to the blog folks!  It has been an interesting week to say the least. If you read my last post you may remember that I was hoping to get Mrs. Re-Dan-imation back out on the Monon. I was successful in that regard. On Tuesday, she asked what I was wanting to do and mentioned the Monon so I took her up on the offer.

This time we decided that the Broad Ripple area was a good place to hop on the trail. We got parked and saddled up for a planned 10 mile relaxing ride ( upon her request). We had a great ride... Until the 9.6 mile point. She decided that this was the appropriate time for her foot to fall off the pedal. The chain reaction included her driving off the trail, getting in the gravel, and laying her bike down in the weeds just short of ending up in the ditch.

However, she is tougher than many people give her credit for. After checking out herself and her bike she said she was getting back up and riding the final 4 tenths of a mile back to the car. Honestly, she was more upset that her shoes ended up a little dirty. She was even nice enough to stop at the bridge over the white river to snap a picture.

We decided that we had definitely earned a dinner with some dessert. We went to the Broad Ripple Brewpub for dinner and then to Brics for some ice cream. If you ever go there, make sure to only order 1 scoop as the 2 scoops doesn't necessarily fit the diet. See the picture below of "2 scoops."

Now, the Mrs. Has told me that she will not let the Monon beat her and will be back on it again this season.  I will be looking forward to that because I really enjoy the rides with her. 

As for the rest of the week, I was a little lacking in my workouts, but I have been maintaining my calorie counting. After my weigh in on Sunday morning, I decided to head out in the heat and wind to go my longest distance yet of 11.4 miles. It may not have been the fastest ride, but I pushed through and got it done. I also burned 698 calories!!

So how did I do?  Well, as always, I am consistent. This week I was down another 1.7 pounds, putting me at an even 275lbs.  This also gives me a small reason to celebrate as I have now reached the weight limit on most normal sized items. This will be the last year I will buy an oversized camping chair so it won't break on me. Yay!  Thanks for everybody for reading this week. 

Until next time... Food. Feet. Water. Repeat!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Brick by Brick

We meet again!  For the last week, while most of the teachers in my building were enjoying their first week of a well deserved summer vacation, I was helping teach a Lego Robotics class.  For this class, the students build a robot based around a smart "Brick", learn about programming the brick and then try to complete missions with their robot.  There wasn't a single minute that the kids weren't excited about being there.  They were constantly working with their robots, trying to come up with new ways of attaching moving arms, or adding tasks to their already completed missions.

However, spending a week cooped up in a basement all day with flickering flourescent light bulbs didn't do a lot for my workout plan.  Teaching the class was well worth the additional money earned for summer break, but I was worried it was going to negatively effect my weight loss plan.  You'll have to wait until the end of the post to see if it ruined my week or not.

I thought I was going to be exhausted and ready for my break to begin on Friday afternoon, but our local YMCA needed some help at their fireworks extravaganza and had asked the Jaycees to help out.  Turns out the dunk tank was the area in need of help so a few of us decided to man it for the good cause.  Luckily, I didn't have to actually get in the tank, but I did pick up the softballs for about 3 hours while my friends took all the plunges.  We were able to raise some money for a good cause and we had a little fun while doing so.  If you live in or around Frankfort, don't forget to come check out the YMCA Fireworks Extravaganza next year.  We didn't stick around for the fireworks after, but we could hear them from our house.  We get enough fireworks on the 4th to last us for the entire year. 

I beard needed trimmed up (sorry)
On Saturday morning, I finally had a chance to get in a work out for the first time all week.  I wanted to put my new Quadlock Bike Mount to the test, so I clicked my phone into the mount and took off.  I didn't exactly have a plan of where I was going to ride, I just knew I wanted to ride for an hour (breaks not included).  I started riding around town and then decided I was going to go a little further than anticipated.  I took a right and headed west out of Frankfort.

About a mile or so outside of town I headed north.  I now had a plan of where I was going.  I decided to ride out to the cemetery to see Korban's grave.  Don't worry, I wasn't sad about anything, it just seemed like a good turn around point.  Also, I wanted to see the pinwheel and flowers that had recently been placed out there.  So, I pedaled hard and made it there in about 30 minutes after I had left home.  I took a break at the cemetery and then planned the next part of the route.

After I left the cemetery I headed out onto State Road 39, a pretty busy road for a pudgy guy on a mountain bike (eventually I will have a road bike).  As I was coming back into town I decided to get off the highway and headed through the parking lot of one of the local elementary schools.  When I came out of the parking lot, I was surprised to find the ribbon cutting ceremony for a local park the community had just refurbished.  I stopped long enough to take a couple pictures of the nice new digs at the park and then headed home (total distance of 11 miles).  I haven't talked Mrs. Re-Dan-imation into heading back out on the Monon, but I have a feeling I will get her back there soon.

I know I haven't put a healthy recipe up here for a bit, but we will be trying something new this week and I will make sure to tell you all how it turns out next Monday.  Right now, let's finish up this week.    How did this week turn out?  Well, when I weighed in on Sunday I tipped the scale at 276.8 lbs. giving me a total weight loss of 17.5 lbs. overall.  Another good week for me!!  I also received a couple comments on Facebook this past week that there were some people reading my blog on a regular basis and that I was inspiring them.  What an honor to hear that from anyone!!  I hope that those people continue to read these posts and that the inspiration continues.  My entire purpose for writing this blog is to get my story down in written words because my memory is so terrible, but the fact that I can help other people is an added bonus.  Cheers to all of you going through the same process as me or considering a change in your life.  DO IT NOW!!!  Tomorrow is always tomorrow and change begins today!! Begin your own reanimation!!

Until next time!      Food. Feet. Water. Repeat.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!!

A high protein birthday gift from my science teacher brother-in-law!!
Well, I have lived another year of my life.  As my brother-in-law would say, today I hit my Larry Bird Birthday (33).  I am trying to live my life to the fullest and take every moment as it comes to me.  I have wonderful people surrounding me in my life and I appreciate them ALL!!

This was the last week of school and the last student day was Friday.  As many teachers know, this week is crazy.  I expected my step count to be lower this week as I am responsible for keeping an inventory, meaning I have to sit on my butt all day and scan about 11,000 books in our school library. However, chasing down missing books (ugh) and helping set up for awards day and the school talent show picked me right back up to normal.  I also made an effort not to exceed my calorie count even though it was the week of my birthday and cake would inevitably be involved(I made it every day but one).

With my birthday impending, and having decided to make a change in my lifestyle, I asked for gifts related to outdoor activities.  I received a new golf driver, a new golf bag, and the Quadlock mount I talked about in my previous blog (I also picked up the running armband).  Thanks to my family for these great gifts.  I attached the mount to my bike to check the fit and finish, but I haven't had the chance to take it out for a ride just yet. You can see how it looks in the pictures.

I can't wait to get out and use all of the wonderful new things that I received for my birthday.  I am also going to try using the Strava app as opposed to the MapMyFitness app and see which one I like better.  Obviously, taking the card into account, Mrs. Re-Dan-imation is expecting me to get out and play a little golf with those new clubs.  I only wish the hole looked this big when I putt.  It would make my short game a LOT better!!
Even Google knows it is my birthday!!
So, how did the weight loss go this week?  Well, it went pretty good considering it was the week of my birthday.  I hopped on the scale Sunday morning and found I had dropped another 1.3 lbs. putting me at a total loss of 15.8 lbs since starting this journey.  I am still heading in the right direction and I am not doing it in a way that isn't healthy.  I'm gonna keep on keeping' on.  I hope you keep reading!! Until next week...Food. Feet. Water. Repeat!!