Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Great Pumpkin Run Race Recap

Well, I did it.  I completed another event that I signed up for.  This would be the first race I have run since June.  October 8th, I participated in The Great Pumpkin Run that was held at Dull's Tree Farm.  This was definitely a new experience for me.  This is the first time I have run on any kind of terrain other than pavement or a treadmill.  The course went over harvested corn fields and gravel roads.  The tracks left from the tractors provided for some very uneven ground.  I even almost went down at one point when I lost my footing.

This was another race that was signed up as a large group.  Myself, Mrs. Re-Danimation (her first 5K) and her parents, along with a group of friends.  Many of us also participated in the additional challenge of carrying a pumpkin for the entire 5K to earn an extra medal if we could complete the entire distance with the pumpkin in our arms.  I'll admit, I chose a pretty small pumpkin as I knew the distance and terrain were going to be my main concerns.  I did finish with the pumpkin and earned both medals.  We spent another little while walking around the pumpkin patch and tree farm and then headed home to prepare for our evening plans.  This is the first time in quite a while that I have seen over 20,000 steps in one day.

Speaking of steps, I have switched platforms from FitBit to Garmin.  When my FitBit Charge HR died completely recently I chose to pick up a Garmin activity tracker that also gives golf yardages.  I was under the impression that the steps would sync with my FitBit account, but soon found out that only recorded activities and not daily steps transferred.  Oh well.  I chose to switch and I am sticking with it.  I can't wait to use it for the first time during a round of golf.  It should be pretty nice to just look at my wrist for yards to the green instead of having to wake my phone each time.  Not that I am good enough to need exact yardages, but it's not like anything could make my golf game much worse.

After finishing our 5K many of use were involved in hosting the first Oktoberfest in Frankfort in about 20 years.  The Frankfort Jaycees and Frankfort Main Street put on the event.  Myself and many of my buddies in the Jaycees were responsible for the admission gate as well as the most important part...the beer.  We spent the remainder of the evening having a great time listening to Polkamotion and serving all the beers we could handle.  The event seemed to go smoothly and we are looking forward to only make it better in the years to come.

As I write this my wife and I are enjoying a much deserved short vacation.  Since we were a little busy with the hospital in the middle of the summer, we were unable to take our vacation we had planned then.  I love the fall and feel like these type of short trips sometimes end up to be my favorite.

On another note, I am participating in the Drumstick Dash for the second year in a row.  This year I am again Fund-racing.  This means I am raising money to help feed the homeless in Indy.  You may not live in Indianapolis, but helping those less fortunate than yourself is helping mankind no matter what your location.  Wheeler Mission does what it can to help those that are struggling more than we are.  I am begging you to do what you can to help this worthy cause.  You can click on the Fund-racing link located directly on this page.  All of your donations are tax deductible.

Seeing as I am on vacation currently, I am unable to accurately check my progress regarding my weight.  I will do so soon and update you at that time. Also, I would like to say good luck to my brother and his wife as both of their bands will be competing in Semi-State this coming weekend.  Best wishes to all F. J. Reitz and Castle Band members.  Until next time....Food. Feet. Water. Repeat.